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Soon, in the city of Vancouver, street artists Os Gemeos will unveil a new mural to liven up the industrial area in Granville Island. The Brazilian artists—who are identical twin brothers—painted six large silos in their distinctive cartoonish style, turning the 75-foot-tall structures into vibrant characters.

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Rainy cityby johnsonting

Sci-fi studiesby johnsonting

Sci fi petalingby johnsonting

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Cyber City by SeanNash


Cyber City by SeanNash

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Oof. This movie. Forever.

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Igor Morski ’s Surreal Magical World

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Artist Igor Morski takes us to his dream world by creating unbelievable surreal illustations.  Morski has created many wonderful and spectacular surrealistic illustrations. He is known and celebrated for his huge imagination and creativity, for being able to bring to life such interesting situations.

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Jeremy Mann

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1950s Hong Kong Captured In Street Photography By Fan Ho


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